The Staats Spaanse Linies are an old defense line in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, constructed during the 80 year war by both Spanish and Staatse army’s. The defense line coincides with the old creek system which used to be an op en water connection with the Westerschelde. As a result of a lowering surrounding landscape the current sandy creek ridges are the highest part in the landscape.

The defense lines are partially reconstructed but still invisible in large parts of the are and it’s especially lacking spatial coherence.

By proposing Staats Spaanse Waterlinies, a new visible structure will emerge around the old defense line. A system and structure which is both an attractive and productive landscape like the dunes. By doing this several problems will be solved at the same time: ensuring fresh water supply for the coming 50 years, water purification of water from agricultural areas and water storage of water during the winter period. By doing this the existing creek system is used as main structure and plays an important role in giving place to different program and challenges.

The Staats Spaanse Waterlinies in this way is comparable with the Hollandse waterlinie or West-Brabantse linie. Within and along the new structure recreational routes are being constructed such as bike, MTB, Kano and trails which reconnect the villages with the landscape. New natural areas will be developed along the waterways. As a result The Staats Spaanse Waterlinies will be an addition to the the existing recreational infrastructure of Zeeuws Vlaanderen which is mainly located at the coast and of extra economical value in a remote region facing shrinkage and unemployment.

  • Year
  • Client
    Delta Water Award
  • Collaborators
    Deltares, Alterra Wageningen, Waterschap Scheldestromen, NL Adviseurs, RECRON Zeeland
  • Status
    2nd prize
  • Type
    Energy landscapes, New nature, Research by design, Water