The research by OTO shows that the remained openness of the Dutch landscape is often protected by accident. Safety zoning which protects against noise, radiation or smell are very solid bufferzones to keep areas free of new developments like housing. These “spacemakers” act like non visible soft clouds above areas and are anchored by zoning laws.

In this project the phenomenon of zoning is used by OTO to solve both an economical and a spatial problem. By inserting a new airport into the southern edge of the Green heart, the soundcontour will protect the area from ongoing suburbanization and conserve long views through the landscape. At the same time the airport is an economic impulse for the area.

The landscape will profit from the new airport located in The Noordplaspolder. Important vistas are marked and fixed by the liquidlike soundcontour which is related to the exact positioning of the three different airstrips of the airport. Spaces which are covered by these contour cause impressive breakthroughs in the existing urban fabric.

  • Year
  • Location
    Groene Hart
  • Client
  • Status
    research by design
  • Type
    Energy landscapes, Mobility, Research by design