OTO has, in collaboration with Ziegler Branderhorst and Alterra, conducted spatial research for ILVO and Vlaams Bouwmeester on innovative solutions for agriculture in wet areas. Nowadays, flooding is a real challenge for many farmers and the number of floodings are expected to increase in the coming years due to climate change. This pilotproject explores how Hoeve de Waterkant can cope with water by developing an adaptation strategy and eventually can integrate water within their business model.

Desk research, excursions to reference projects and meetings with owners, stakeholders, experts and governmental organizations have resulted in 4 scenario’s. Each of these models deal with water in different ways and differ in terms of intensity and the usage of water. These scenarios are transformed into designs, images and possible businessmodels for Hoeve de Waterkant. Based on these opportunities, a road map will be composed which will indicate crucial aspects and relevant stakeholders.

By using different models, the report offers a lot of opportunities for agriculture in comparable circumstances. This approach has resulted in a clear insight in problems, challenges and possible solutions and will result into an advice for the responsible minister in Belgium.

  • Year
  • Location
  • Client
    ILVO, Vlaams Bouwmeester, Antea Group, familie M.
  • Status
    Pilotproject Productieve Landschappen Vlaams Bouwmeester
  • Type
    Energy landscapes, New nature, Research by design, Water