Nieuw landschap searches for changes that take place almost unnoticed like decline of population, a changing (agricultural) economy and renewed appreciation for the landscape.

OTO was asked to conduct a quickscan to show the potential of the northern part of Noord-Holland and decided to focus on the different coastal landscapes. In the project specific potentials and interventions were explored that could improve the coastal landscapes and solve different problems in the coastal areas. The proposals provide better access to experience the unique landscapes of the Noordzee, the dunes and the IJsselmeer: Coastal Lines.

For the coast on the Wieringermeerpolder OTO proposes a widening of the dike. This widening solves three different problems. It will improve the spatial quality and accessibility of the coast, with a particular regard to the relations between the water and the hinterland. In addition, it will provide a sustainable and robust water system, for both the Wieringermeerpolder and the IJsselmeer. Furthermore, the dike offers specific conditions for new initiatives and functions in the Wieringermeer.

  • Year
  • Location
    Noord Holland
  • Client
    Nieuw Landschap (Miranda Reitsma, Urban Synergy)
  • Type
    Energy landscapes, New nature, Research by design, Water