In the plain territory of the metropolitan city of Turin, crossed by one of the tributaries of the Po river, urban gardens, open spaces, natural areas and agricultural fields are fundamental elements of the banks of the Sangone stream, which however is currently found without a coherent structure and identity.
The main points in the drafting of the project concept of the Three Green Bands propose different landscapes and new functions, to improve the road network and the organization of these areas.
The first strip to the north has a strong presence of trees and natural paths, the second includes distinct groupings of plant elements. The last band, inserted in a more urban context, provides for a rigid spatial organization suitable for vehicular and pedestrian movement and a multitude of areas used for various outdoor activities.
Seats, lampposts and baskets, as well as being designed with local materials such as wood, surround themselves with their own identity with the use of three colored stripes. This symbol is also found in the various interventions proposed to increase the fauna of the park. Beehives, animal shelters and birdhouses are just some of the options available along the various routes.
The project therefore not only proposes to mend an area with enormous potential, but also acts as a design example for the activation of interventions that can be carried out along the areas of the Turin green belt.

  • Year
  • Location
    Beinasco (IT)
  • Client
    Municipality of Beinasco
  • Status
    Proposal, 3rd Prize
  • Type
    Climate, Healthy, New nature, Park & public space, Water