The redesign of the park is seen as an important ac- tion to promote an active space for the inhabitants of Medicina, characterized by its own distinctive identity and a strong social and cultural attraction because of its programs and spaces. The concept idea is to open, unite and realize a park that adapts to the new ecological and urban needs, conveying in the same space people, fauna and fl ora. The main legend linked to Medicina is taken as inspi- ration for the birth of the new cycle-pedestrian circuit: the path will take the form of a snake, an animal linked to the events of the passage of the Emperor Federico Barbarossa in the city. The “snake” will be the new place of connection between the various activities and infrastructures, inviting users to sport, to the organization of events and to rest. The project idea related to Sport Park and the open spaces north of it is divided into three main points

1. OPEN AND CONNECT In order to realize an open park, accessible and usable by all, it is proposed the removal of some fences and gates and the realization of a central red circuit to connect the different spaces of the park. The latter will also mark the entrance areas, connecting and upgrading the neighboring areas. In this last action it is proposed the transformation of the open space in front of Via della Resistenza in orchard, going so to reinforce those green areas nowadays underused.

2. UNITE The new circuit is a unifying element that will act as a backbone for the development of the new mobility of the park, connecting those areas now fragmented. The path will also be highlighted by the selected tree species, inserting plants with a red autumn foliage along and near the new colored asphalt surface. This material is chosen for its affordability and to be able to reuse that which already exists in most of the pro- posed circuit, thus lowering costs and maintenance. Following the principle of highly natural and econo- mical interventions, the resulting asphalt areas are removed or simply drilled to insert trees and increase biodiversity. The autumn red of the selected species is combined with evergreen plants or with yellow foliage, further highlighting the different functions of the areas within the park and re-proposing in autumn the colors of the municipal coat of arms. Climbing plants are also included in this category to be placed outside the new fences, thus providing a homogeneous boundary of the sports facilities.

3. CLIMATE ADAPTATION Creating a park that is resilient requires smart solu- tions that can be applied to different situations. The planting of trees of I and II size allows through the leaf apparatus a significant addition of shade, a better filtration of water and a lowering of temperatures due to evaporation. At the same time the increase of plant species is an excellent solution for the storage of carbon dioxide and the creation of habitats for plants, insects and animals. The project proposal also sets the reuse of currently existing plants where possible, preventing a drastic transformation of the natural environment and decreasing the cost of replacement and transportation. The new vision of Sports Park thus seeks not only to provide a new collective identity for the area, but also to be a place of fun and sports immersed in nature.

  • Year
  • Location
    Medicina (IT)
  • Client
    Citta di Medicina
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  • Type
    Climate, Healthy, Mobility, New nature, Park & public space, Urban design & transformation, Water