The project ‘Shanghai Greenways’ aims to infuse the existing masterplan with new connections and passageways, making it more accessible, more lively and more ecological. By introducing a network of pedestrian and bike routes, strong connections are established with surrounding neighborhoods and streets. By optimizing large and superfluous surfaces of road –without compromising the access for vehicles- , we can allow for a new green structure to be created between the planned buildings, regulating water management and contributing to a healthy environment. This makes the area more porous for visitors, more attractive to stay and also provides this site with a clear identity. By doing so, we continue the ambitions and themes of the Shanghai World Expo of 2010: ‘Better city, better life.’

At strategic keypoints within the area, intermodal and infrastructural points are designed to allow for clear recognition and easy transfers between different levels and modes of transportation such as parking, tramway, bike-paths etc. Ultimately, ‘Shanghai Greenways’ allows the area to strongly connect to the Huangpu River, a key urban element both for the area and for the city and a space which will be of great importance for local workers, businessmen working in the area, tourists and all inhabitants of Shanghai.

  • Year
  • Location
    Shanghai (CN)
  • Client
    Passages Shanghai competition
  • Collaborators
    Cloud Collective
  • Status
    Selected finalist proposal
  • Type
    Circular, Climate, Healthy, Mobility, New nature, Park & public space, Urban design & transformation