OTO envisions a new park on the northern edge of the city of Middelburg. An anonymous green urban backside is transformed into a park with a strong identity using simple ingredients. Preconditions like the tight budget, the clients being a combination of a private commissioner (private part) and the municipality (public part) and the anonymous character of the site forced OTO to come up with a clear concept.

In order to ensure the quality and maintenance of the park, OTO developed a concept in which the public park folds around the private park. By creating spaces and pathways mowed out of grass, clear edges of reed, precise vistas, a subtle but clear public/private border and a cloud of recognizable park furniture, a new extensive park with a natural feel will emerge and will be a useful addition to the existing cityfabric.

  • Year
  • Location
  • Client
    Gemeente Middelburg
  • Type
    Healthy, New nature, Park & public space