The August Allebeplein, a square in Amsterdam, was designed by Cornelis van Eesteren to be a continuous green space. In this philosophy, there is no space for the classical architectural typology of a square marked by walls. Therefore, OTO proposes to mark the Allebeiplein by a new roof, made of 2000 latex balloons. When this roof closes, it can be used market roof.

On top of the balloons, there are feeding platforms for parakeets. The parakeets immigrated into the population of city birds in Amsterdam since 1976. They now live in the surroundings of the Sloterplas and Rembrandtpark. The feeding platforms will attract the parakeets, and mark the Allebeplein with a constant swarm of bright green parakeets high above the square. This will be visible from the highway A10. In Amsterdam, the Damplein has its doves, the Dappermarkt its herons and the Allebeplein will now be known for its parakeets.

  • Year
  • Location
  • Client
    Prix de Rome
  • Type
    New nature, Park & public space