Polluted dredge causes a drainage and environmental problem in the water system of the Randstad. The need to take out the dredge will increase because of climate change and growing urbanization.

The proposed solution by OTO is the Dredge landscape park; 12 million m3 dredge is shipped to the Haarlemmermeer polder, and cleaned with different cleaning techniques. Within 20 years of cleaning time this dredge cleaning machine will evolve into a dredge landscape park. Salty exfiltration water is used for the cleaning of certain dredge and sand left over after cleaning can be used for the expanding building sites nearby. The variety of water-, soil- and pollution types in the dredge is used to grow a unique park. The place where different types of planting fixes heavy metals will be a heavy metal garden, an artificial dune strip runs straight through the park and different water and soil types are combined in a mosaic of environments with variable heights.

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    1st prize
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    Circular, Climate, Energy landscapes, New nature, Park & public space, Research by design, Water