The chance to rethink the existing square of Snaaskerke is regarded by OTO as an opportunity to improve the total urban fabric and public space of the village with a proposal which acts as a framework for future developments.

The transformation of the station square is the first phase and intervention in this long term process.

This proposal maximizes the potential of the the current conditions by emphasizing the central position of the church, the informal trails, the connection with the landscape, the green axis of the G62 and the canal. By doing this an improved public space is created which functions as a comfortable space for inhabitants and an appealing space for visitors as well. The identity and recognizability of the village will be improved and it will generate a distinct character.

The regional bicycle path G62 will be transformed into a central park zone connected with the surrounding rural landscape and the existing program in the centre. By pushing the square into the green zone a connection between village and park is created. The height difference between park and square results into a big stair which frames the space and offers a lot of sitting places. Big trees create a parking space and divide the park into a clear space. The new qualities in combination with the rearranged programmatic components will make this new square a central element and vibrant urban space within Snaaskerke.

  • Year
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  • Client
    Snaaskerke, Winvorm
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    Climate, Healthy, Mobility, Park & public space, Urban design & transformation