A proposal for a park in Alcala asks for a careful intervention because of the economic circumstances. This condition was considered as one of the major constraints by developing a plan for the Alcala park.

Alcala park, between Alcala de la Selva and Virgen de la Vega in Spain, will become part of a new river landscape. OTO’s proposal offers a flexible, contextual and effective parkdesign within the context of this economical crisis. By defining the park program on specific strategic spots within a grid of trees, not only costs are reduced but also a new flexible parkzone will grow within time.

3000 Poplar trees are planted in a grid of 6x6m. The Poplargrid is a local principle found along the river Alcala and is scaled up to a large landscape structure. New building projects can be built towards the park and create strong urban edges.

Underneath the trees parkroutes connect the surrounding villages and existing walking routes into a new recreational network. Open voids within the grid locate a range of existing and new park functions with a mainly public character.

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    New nature, Park & public space, Water